ODMS R7 Workgroup Guide

This guide details how to install and configure ODMSR7 in a workgroup environment. It provides step by step instructions on installing each component and how to deploy the software. + – Prerequisite Click to collapse Preparing for Installation Before beginning the installation, the below prerequisites must be met. This guide assumes a new installation is being […]

ODMS R7: Specification Change for Office 365 POP/IMAP

Overview ODMS R7 has been supporting Outlook Web App for Office 365 as webmail support, but due to thespecification change for POP/IMAP from Microsoft, it will no longer be supported after 1 October, 2022. For details, refer to the following article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/clients-and-mobile-in-exchange-online/deprecation-ofbasic-authentication-exchange-online If you wish to continue using Office 365 emails, you can do so […]

SQL BIN log data setting

This guide goes through how to change the SQL BIN log data setting, if its taking up too much storage space on the server. The binary log that you are seeing use up a lot of disk space in the “data” directory is a default setting in MySQL/MariaDB that provides important functionality. The primary usage […]

Is the Olympus software affected by the Log4j Vulnerability?

The Olympus software in general is not affected by this Log4j vulnerability. ODMS R7 workgroup mode which includes SCP that uses apache. It does not have the Log4j library installed. The problem with this vulnerability is that it is not Apache itself, but the optional Log4j library itself that is vulnerable. Because of this vulnerability, […]

How to change the SCP server address for the SCP client

This guide goes through how to change the SCP server address for the SCP client. Open the registry editor and go to the location below Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Olympus\SCPClient\Install Edit the Server entry to change the server address. Note: When you change the SCP address do not enter /fe at the end as its not required and this […]

Manually send dictations in ODMS R7

The article goes through how to manually email dictations in ODMS R7 Note: This feature requires that an Email profile is configured in ODMS. See Email Setup  for instructions. Open the Dictation Module Right click the dictation in your folder Select Send via E-mail and click the email profile you have configured, which in this example we […]

How to use Start Video Conference Recording Feature

This article goes through how to use Start Video Conference Recording feature introduced in ODMS R7.4.0. This feature is ideal for recording the audio in a virtual meeting. This feature is available in Dictation Module and Transcription Module. Click on File Menu > Start Video Conference Recording Ensure participants are aware of the recording and […]

Voice Recognition Best Practices

To ensure that Voice Recognition is as accurate and efficient as possible, there are some best practices to follow: Ensure that the recording environment is quiet and free from unnecessary background noise.Speak clearly and naturally as if you were talking to a person. Dictate punctuation – this helps the engine understand how you speak and […]

Command Index

List of Dragon commands that are available to do in ODMS real-time speech recognition and background speech recognition. Category Command Realtime SR Background SR Real-time Speech Recognition Window Play that back   Click [Button]   Next Field   Previous Field   Clear Field Delimiters Add Lines and Spaces New Line   New Paragraph   Press […]

How to change the file status of an audio file

This article goes through how to change the file status in ODMS. You may, under certain circumstances, need to change the status of a dictation manually. To change the status of a dictation follow these steps: In the Dictation Module or Transcription Module, right click the dictation you would like to change the status and […]

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