Olympus Dictation App GUI Overview

This article gives a quick overview of the ODDS App, its features and settings… An overview of the Olympus Dictation Portal can be found here. Recording View Recording Information List of Recordings Settings Recording View Overview   Labelled number Description 1. File name By default, the file name is created by combining the Author ID […]

Olympus Dictation App Registration – Portal

The Olympus Dictation App can be used as a trial version on your mobile device, but to use the licensed version of the App, you must contact a reseller.  The reseller will then invite you via email to register through a form on the Olympus Dictation Portal.  The video below demonstrates how to register your […]

Olympus Dictation App Registration

The Olympus Dictation App is perfect for users who are dictating on the go and want to stay connected with their workflow while doing so. Registering for the app is simple and a 30 day free trial is available if you do not have an ODDS license. Before the conclusion of the 30 day trial, […]

Olympus Dictation Portal GUI Overview

This article gives a quick overview of the ODDS Portal, its features and settings… An overview of the Olympus Dictation App can be found here. License View Settings view License View Overview Contents Content List Controls Logout & Help Search-Bar Content List View Dashboard TOS & Privacy Content List Controls Menu Function View When a license […]

How to cancel an ODDS order

This article goes through how to cancel an ODDS order on the Olympus Dictation Portal.  Customer Distributor/Dealer Customer To cancel an order go to the Dashboard on the right and expand Cancel Order It will display how many licenses you have ordered and click Cancel Click OK to cancel the order Click OK to the […]

Configuring Email Settings for ODDS in Dictation Portal

This article goes through configuring emails for ODDS in Dictation Portal If you’re looking to add in multiple people when sending a dictation then you can make these changes within the Dictation Portal. Firstly log into the Dictation Portal here. Then select your account and click on View   Click on Edit > Email Settings […]

ODDS Trial – Next Steps

This article covers what to do when your Olympus Dictation Delivery Service trial has expired or nearly expired. There are 5 easy steps to follow: Login to the Dictation Portal Select a Country & Dealer Ordering a License Contact Your Dealer Migrating License Click a step to jump to it! Once your trial has expired you […]

Dictations Not Sending (ODDS Outbox)

This article details why dictations may not be sending and why they’re placed in the Outbox. When sending a dictation in the ODDS app they are first placed in the Outbox, being processed by the Olympus server. If the app is closed during this period it may interrupt the process and keep the dictation in the Outbox. […]

Register an account – OD app

Read more to find out how to register for a trial via the Olympus Dictation app. The Olympus Dictation App can be downloaded from the Apple Apps store or Google Play store. 1. Open the app, once downloaded 2. Click Next 3. Click Start Initial Registration. 4. Enter the following information. Enter your own name […]

Register an Account – ODP

Find out how to configure/manage your account. Go to https://www.dictation-portal.com Click on the New User Registration link Fill in the following information, multiple authors can be added at this stage or once you’re logged in. Click Next when ready. Please note, the Account ID should be the Company name (if applicable) rather than an individual […]

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