ODDS Trial – Next Steps

This article covers what to do when your Olympus Dictation Delivery Service trial has expired or nearly expired.

There are 5 easy steps to follow:

  1. Login to the Dictation Portal
  2. Select a Country & Dealer
  3. Ordering a License
  4. Contact Your Dealer
  5. Migrating License

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Once your trial has expired you will be looking to purchase a yearly license to use. Olympus do not sell their professional products directly, so you will need to select a verified dealer from Olympus’ dealer network to make the purchase.

1. Login to the Dictation Portal

Firstly, go to the Dictation Portal to login.


Hint: You must log in with your Account ID (This is not your email address).

You can find your Account ID from within the App by going to your Server Settings tab, here’s how:

1. Press the Settings button 2. Tap the Server Settings field 3. Find your ‘Account ID’ like so.
Image of Settings Button Image of Settings ODPImage1

A. Once you are logged in you will be presented with the page looking similar to the one below. Click on ‘Account’ to finalize the account setup and to select a dealer to purchase the yearly license from.


B. Once you click on “Account” you will see this pop-up:


2. Select a Country & Dealer

Make sure you fill in the First Name, Last Name, select the country and Dealer:

Note: You need to select a Dealer from the drop down list, like so…

Select Dealer

3. Ordering a License

Once you’ve filled in the fields and clicked “OK” you will either need to mark your license for renewal or order a new license.

New License:

If your license has expired you can order a new license like so:



Otherwise, If your license has not yet expired you can simply mark it for renewal like so:


4. Contact Your Dealer

Once you’ve ordered your license you will simply need to make contact with the Dealer you selected. The easiest way to find their contact information is to use the UK Dealer Locator and search their name; alternatively, use our Where to Buy page.

When you contact the supplier let them know you’ve made an order on the “Olympus Dictation Portal” and you’d like to purchase the license. The dealer will be able to find your account, take payment and issue you your license.

5. Migrating License

Once you have the license you will need to migrate the trial license across to continue using the app without any interruptions.

When you log in you should be prompted to Migrate the License.

Click Yes to migrate the license.

Migrate license

Then select your license(s) in the list that you want to migrate and click OK.

Select license to migrate

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