Olympus Dictation Portal GUI Overview

This article gives a quick overview of the ODDS Portal, its features and settings…

An overview of the Olympus Dictation App can be found here.

License View


Annotated License


  1. Content List Controls
  2. Logout & Help
  3. Search-Bar
  4. Content List View
  5. Dashboard
  6. TOS & Privacy

Content List Controls

Menu Function
View When a license is selected in the Content List View, this button shows the View Smartphone screen.
+ / – Expand or collapse the list of licenses in the Content List View.
Deactivation Deactivates the selected smartphone(s), so that reactivation is possible when reinstalling Olympus Dictation for iPhone/Android or when the user changes to another device.
Import Imports smartphone settings from the specified file.
Download Download files in the format used for imports.
Reset ODDS Password Resets the password. Note that the smartphone’s password will also be reset. An e-mail will be sent with re-notification of temporary passwords, usernames, and URLs set in the Olympus Dictation for iPhone/Android that were notified when the account was created.
Account Shows the Edit Account screen.


Logout & Help

Menu Function
Help Opens a window with a helpful description of the Olympus Dictation Portal.
Logout This will log-out of the account and direct back to the login page.



Menu Function
Search bar Type in keywords to filter the through the licenses in the Content List View.
Magnifying Glass & Rubber Perform a search with the entered keyword / Erase the content of the search bar.


Content List View

Menu Function
UUID Shows the unique IDs associated with smartphones that are activated.
Model Shows the model of smartphone.
Version Shows the version of the smartphone operating system.
E-mail Shows the e-mail address of the smartphone user.
Last Connected Shows the date and time of the last access from a smartphone.
License Shows the number of licenses in units of licenses.
Activate Shows the number of activations in units of licenses.
License Activated Shows the date that a license was activated.
License Expiration Shows the date the license is set to expire.
Send Method Shows the transmission method that is set for smartphones. E-mail / FTP / FTPS / SFTP / Prompt
Format Shows the file format that is set for smartphones. DSS / DS2 (SP) / DS2 (QP)
Encryption Shows the DS2 encryption that is set for smartphones. No Encryption / Standard (128bit) / High (256bit)
Author ID Shows the author id that is set for smartphones.
Worktype List Shows the work type list that is set for smartphones.





Dashboard 1

Labelled Item Function
1. Order Standard License(s) This option allows the user to order any number of licenses.
2. Textarea for Order Amount Input for the desired amount of licenses to be ordered.
3. Order button Submit the amount entered as an order.


Dashboard 2 

Labelled Item Function
1. Renew License(s) Mark licenses that are due to expire soon, for renewal.
2. Flag / Unflag buttons Will mark / unmark the selected licenses for renewal


Dashboard 3

Labelled Item Function
1. Cancel Order Can be used to cancel orders that are still pending.
2. No Order Any pending orders will be displayed here.


Dashboard 4

Labelled Item Function
1. New ODDS License Settings Configure a new license for a user.
2. Edit Button Opens the License Configuration window for selected license.


Dashboard 5

Labelled Item Function
1. Edit Existing ODDS License Settings You can edit / make changes to an already configured ODDS license.
2. Edit Button Opens the License Configuration Window for selected license.


Dashboard 6

Labelled Item Function
1. Enable Dealer Management Allows the selected Dealer to manage the smartphone app for the user.
2. Current Status Shows the status of whether this option is currently enabled or disabled.
3. Enable & Disable buttons Enable or Disable Dealer Management using these buttons.


 Dashboard 7

Labelled Item Function
1. Change ODDS Password Changes the smartphone password set in Olympus Dictation for iPhone/Android.
2. Current Password You are required to enter the current smartphone password to make this change.
3. New Password Enter the password you wish to change too.
4. Re-enter Password Confirm the desired password.
5. Change ODDS Password button Once the require feilds have been filled out, confirm the password change using this button.



TOS & Privacy

Menu Function
Contact Us Send us a message/ enquiry using this window.
Privacy Opens the EULA of Olympus Dictation Delivery Service in a window.
Terms of Use Displays the Terms of Use in a window.
Legal Notice Displays the Legal Notice in a window

Settings view




Menu Item Function
1. Setting Tabs Select one of the tabs to navigate to that pane.
2. Save & Cancel buttons After making changes to any settings, you can save or cancel those changes using these buttons.
3. Language select (General) You can select a language to translate the Portal into.


  1. Address Book
  2. FTP
  3. FTP – Add Profile
  4. Worktype List


Address Book


Labelled Item Function
1. Download Template File Downloads files according to the format of the address book.
2. Import Address book format files can be selected and mail addresses can be imported.
3. Contact Name This will display the name of the contact.
4. Contact E-mail address Confirm the desired password.
5. Add Destination Add new recipient into the Address Book.
6. Edit button Edit an already existing recipient.
7. Delete button Delete an existing recipient.




Labelled Item Function
1. Download Template File Downloads files according to the format of the FTP profile.
2. Import FTP profile format files can be selected and FTP profiles can be imported.
3. FTP Profile Shows the name and currently selected FTP profile.
4. Edit / Add / Remove Edit a current profile / Add a new profile / Delete an existing profile.


Add FTP Profile




Labelled Item Function
Profile Name A unique identify for this specific FTP profile.
Login ID Login ID for the FTP server.
Password Password used to connect to the FTP server
Protocol Select a protocol to use (Default: FTP)
Address Enter the address for the FTP server.
 Port Specify the correct port.
Passive Mode Select or deselect Passive connection mode for FTP.
Directory Specify the directory for dictations to be stored in.
Test Settings Test the FTP profile connection, this will identify if the entered values are correct before creating a profile.


Worktype Lists


Labelled Item Function
1. Worktype Lists Shows any worktype lists that have been created.
2. Worktypes Shows a list of all individual worktypes.
3. Edit / Add / Remove Edit an existing Worktype or Worktype list / Add a new Worktype or Worktype list / Delete an existing Worktype or Worktype list.


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