Configure a Gmail email profile on ODMS R8/R7

To be able to use a Gmail email profile to send/receive dictations on ODMS R8/R7, it is necessary to make some extra setup on Gmail’s account settings. Gmail, as well as other email providers, have changed their security policies which removed the ability to use the “Allow less secure apps” option and now requires third-party […]

How to Update SCP Server

To update the SCP Server, please check the following steps: 1.    Install the SCP Backup Tool: 2.    Run the Backup Tool to back up the SCP Server: 3.    Download the latest version of ODMS R7 Workgroup Launcher VX.X.X: 4.    Unzip the file, open the folder [ODMSR7WorkgroupLauncher_VX.X.X\Setups\SCP] and execute the file [SCPUpdater.exe]. 5.    Confirm that the […]

Reduce space of bin files in MariaDB

Whenever binary logs are taking up too much disk space in a SCP installation, there’s the possibility to free up some space. In order to do that, there’s a set of instructions that need be followed: The files should be purged and then the Powershell window can be closed

Instructions for applying the Unlock Code

Only the recorders that are supported by the current professional audio software can have their pin codes unlocked. For the purposes of this document, the below list of recorders is supported for this process: The PIN unlock process and the tools used are a secure service. Therefore, these tools will not be published publicly nor […]

Pin Unlock Process

Any requests for PIN reset must be made in writing to the support team. Please note that requestsmay take up to 24 hours during business hours. It may take longer to respond to a request overweekends and public holidays.There are two ways to make the contact with the support team: via the Partner Portal or […]

ODMS R7 Workgroup Guide

This guide details how to install and configure ODMSR7 in a workgroup environment. It provides step by step instructions on installing each component and how to deploy the software. + – Prerequisite Click to collapse Preparing for Installation Before beginning the installation, the below prerequisites must be met. This guide assumes a new installation is being […]

ODMS R8/R7: Specification Change for Office 365 POP/IMAP

Overview ODMS R8/R7 has been supporting Outlook Web App for Office 365 as webmail support, but due to thespecification change for POP/IMAP from Microsoft, it will no longer be supported after 1 October, 2022. For details, refer to the following article: If you wish to continue using Office 365 emails, you can do so […]

Quick Start Guide for Authors (RecMic)

This article goes through the basics of using a RecMic recorder with the ODMS Dictation Module software. Sending your dictations Once recordings have been created it is possible to send them via the following methods. The ODMS R7 software has automated functions which can be configured for a seamless workflow. Network Folder share  Email  FTP  […]

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