Quick Start Guide DS-9500/9000/2600

This article goes through the basics of using your mobile recorder. The images in this article may vary for each mobile recorder however the button layout and instructions are very much the same. + – Preparing your recorder Click to collapse Insert the battery Lightly press down on the battery cover release button, then open […]

Leveraging Dictation for Smaller Tasks

Dictation is often thought of in terms of being used for highly important recordings such as courtroom hearings, law enforcement and medical records but dictation recorders can come in handy for much smaller and more routine tasks. Utilizing your digital recorder for quick notes, email drafts, and task lists when you are on the go […]

Wifi Configuration Through ODMS

The DS-9500’s ability to utilize a WiFi connection allows users to easily transfer recordings instantly without having to manually connect to their computers with a USB cord. Configuring your recorder to connect to your wireless network is just as simple. The video below demonstrates the WiFi configuration process through ODMS R7 for the DS-9500 Recorder. […]

DS-9500 Wifi Selection

The DS-9500 digital recorder has WiFi Capabilities built in to allow for users to quickly and easily send dictations without needing to physically plug into a computer to transfer the files. Connecting your DS-9500 to a wireless network can be done right through the device itself. The video below demonstrates how to connect to a […]

Wireless Download

Easily save time when using the DS-9500 Voice Recorder by configuring it to automatically send dictations to a predefined folder via WiFi. The video below demonstrates how to properly set up your recorder for the wireless download of dictations. You must either have the wireless downloader installed or the wireless communication service. You can either use the device customization […]

Device Security

Depending on your line of work, or the specific project or case you are working on, it may be vital for you to maintain a high level of privacy and security for your recordings. Keeping your dictation files and your device secure is simple when using Olympus Professional Dictation workflow solutions. The video below demonstrates how to […]

Setting Up Encryption on the DS-9500 Voice Recorder

When it comes to keeping your recording files secure, you can trust the DS-9500’s 256-bit encryption feature to protect your data when transferring it from the recorder itself to a transcriptionist or a voice to text application. The video below demonstrates how to enable the encryption feature within the ODMS dictation module for the DS-9500. […]

Switch Between Storage & Composite Mode on DS-9500 & DS-9000

When connecting your Digital Recorder to your computer, you have the option for your device to either act as a hard drive or to essentially act as a speaker/microphone through the Storage and Composite mode options. The video below demonstrates how to toggle this option for both the DS-9500 and the DS-9000. To switch between Storage and Composite Modes, select: […]

Recording Options for the DS-9500 & DS-9000

Learn how the various settings for recording options including: Mic Mode, Mic Sense and Rec Mode impact the recordings of your DS-9500 or DS-9000 in the video below. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! proaudio@olympus.com Learn more about getting the most out of your Olympus Professional Dictation products through our Insights. Click Here.

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