Folder Mapping (ODMS R7)

This guide goes through how to map a download folder to a network shared folder so this allows you to share your dictations with another user.

ODMSR7 folder map

  • Click Tools > Options > Folder Design.
  • Select the folder that will be re-mapped.
  • Click into the Path field and paste/type the network path in to here or click the drop-down arrow.
  • Click the “…” button to open the browse window.

Folder Map - 1

  • Browse to the network folder where the dictations will be stored.


  • Select the folder and click OK.
  • Click Apply to save the changes. The following dialogue box will appear.


  • Click Yes if you have any files that you wish to move from the old location to the new location or click No to leave them in the old location.
  • The folder will turn blue to indicate the folder path has been redirected to a network shared folder.



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