Olympus Dictation App GUI Overview

This article gives a quick overview of the ODDS App, its features and settings… An overview of the Olympus Dictation Portal can be found here. Recording View Recording Information List of Recordings Settings Recording View Overview   Labelled number Description 1. File name By default, the file name is created by combining the Author ID […]

Register an account – OD app

Read more to find out how to register for a trial via the Olympus Dictation app. The Olympus Dictation App can be downloaded from the Apple Apps store or Google Play store. 1. Open the app, once downloaded 2. Click Next 3. Click Start Initial Registration. 4. Enter the following information. Enter your own name […]

Register an Account – ODP

Find out how to configure/manage your account. Go to https://www.dictation-portal.com Click on the New User Registration link Fill in the following information, multiple authors can be added at this stage or once you’re logged in. Click Next when ready. Please note, the Account ID should be the Company name (if applicable) rather than an individual […]

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