Web Email settings for major email providers

This article details the major web email settings you need to configure to work with ODMS.   Office 365 Hotmail/Outlook Gmail Yahoo iCloud Office 365 + – Email Settings Click to collapse POP/SMTP settings Email address: used to log into Office 365 Account name: same as the email address Password: used to login to the […]

Send dictation via Email – Mac

This article explains how to send a dictation file via email. For this we will be using the default Mail program on a Mac. First open the DSS Player. Then open launch pad and open your Mail program. From the Mail program, click the new email.   Go back to the DSS Player program and […]

How to blacklist an Outlook folder to not be scanned

With ODMS 6.4.0 Patch 5 up to Patch 16 installed you can specify which Outlook folder to be blacklisted so it doesn’t get scanned by the Olympus software. You can download the latest patch from the downloads below. Please note this article goes through modifying the registry we would recommend backing up the registry before making […]

How to stop XML management files being sent

When dictations or documents are sent via E-mail or FTP through the Olympus software, you may notice the files have an obscure file name as shown below. This is due to the management file being sent alongside the dictation file. The management files are typically used with the Olympus software to display additional dictation information. […]

Manually Sending Dictations via Email

This article details how to send dictations via email manually from the DSS Player Standard software.  Click on the video below to see how to send and receive dictations manually via email. Open the Dictation Module or the Transcription Module Open your email application or login to your webmail then create a new email. Select […]

Email Setup

ODMS supports a number of email methods including POP, IMAP and Outlook (32-bit). This document will detail how to set up each type of email profile for use within the Olympus software. Contents How to create a POP Email profile How to create an IMAP Email profile How to create an Outlook Email profile   […]

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