Manually send dictations in ODMS R8/R7

The article goes through how to manually email dictations in ODMS R8/R7 Note: This feature requires that an Email profile is configured in ODMS. See Email Setup  for instructions. Open the Dictation Module Right click the dictation in your folder Select Send via E-mail and click the email profile you have configured, which in this example we […]

Dictations Not Sending (ODDS Outbox)

This article details why dictations may not be sending and why they’re placed in the Outbox. When sending a dictation in the ODDS app they are first placed in the Outbox, being processed by the Olympus server. If the app is closed during this period it may interrupt the process and keep the dictation in the Outbox. […]

Import Dictation for Mac

This article explains how to import a dictation in DSS Player for Mac Files can be imported in to the software, if they are received via email or saved in a different location on the Mac. For this example we will be using email. Find the email that contains the file that you would like to import […]

Email settings on the DS-9500

This guide goes through the email settings on the DS-9500 recorder where you can select an email profile to use, add or remove an email recipient. Note: This is ideal if you have already setup your recorder via the software for email.   The below image is what you will use to navigate the menu.  Press […]

How to stop XML management files being sent (ODMS R8/R7)

When dictations or documents are sent via E-mail or FTP through the Olympus software, you may notice the files have an obscure file name as shown below. This is due to the management file being sent alongside the dictation file. The management files are typically used with the Olympus software to display additional dictation information. […]

Email Setup (ODMS R8/R7)

ODMS supports a number of email methods including POP, IMAP, Outlook (32-bit) and Web based mail. This guide will detail how to set up each type of email profile for use within the Olympus software. Contents How to create a POP Email profile How to create an IMAP Email profile How to create an Outlook […]

How to send dictations using WiFi

This guide will take you through how to send dictations to a folder or E-mail using WiFi.  You must have the following features configured on the recorder before proceeding. Wireless Network E-mail Profile and Recipient E-mail Settings Wireless Download (Folder)   Once you have finished creating your recording. Press the F3 button to send. Note: the recorder […]

Recipient Email Settings on DS-9500

This article goes through registering a Delivery Address with an Email profile on the DS-9500. Note: You must configure an Email Profile first before proceeding.  Open the Dictation Module Connect the DS-9500 recorder.  Click on Tools then click on Options and click on Device.  Note: Device option will not appear if the recorder isn’t connected.  […]

Email Profile Setting on DS-9500

This article goes through the Email Profile setting on the DS-9500 recorder so you can send dictations via Email. This assumes you already have configured your DS-9500 recorder with a WiFi network if not then please follow the guide Configuring the DS-9500 to use a WiFi network before proceeding. Open the Dictation Module Connect the DS-9500 recorder.  […]

ODMS Email Settings

The video in this article details how to configure an email profile and also how to automate sending via email. The ODMS R8/R7 supports FTP, which allows for efficient file transfer and management within the system. This functionality is designed to streamline the workflow for dictation and transcription tasks by enabling secure and reliable file […]

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