Instructions for applying the Unlock Code

Only the recorders that are supported by the current professional audio software can have their pin codes unlocked. For the purposes of this document, the below list of recorders is supported for this process: The PIN unlock process and the tools used are a secure service. Therefore, these tools will not be published publicly nor […]

Pin Unlock Process

Any requests for PIN reset must be made in writing to the support team. Please note that requestsmay take up to 24 hours during business hours. It may take longer to respond to a request overweekends and public holidays.There are two ways to make the contact with the support team: via the Partner Portal or […]

Quick Start Guide DS-7000/5500/5000/2800

This article goes through the basics of using your mobile recorder. The images in this article may vary for each mobile recorder however the button layout and instructions are very much the same. + – Preparing your recorder Click to collapse Insert the battery Lightly press down on the battery cover release button, then open […]

Add Author ID(s) to a device

For this guide, Author ID(s) must have already been added to the Author section. See our Author IDs article for instructions. Up to 10 Author IDs can be applied to a device (either a DS-3500 or DS-7000).  Note: This requires the Dictation Module software to configure the device settings. To set an Author ID on […]

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