Firmware & Downloads

Firmware v1.07 Windows
Firmware 1.07 includes the following fixes: Resolves an issue whereby playback did not start from the position it stopped. Fixed an issue that not all worktypes were being displayed.
Firmware v1.07 Mac
Firmware 1.07 includes the following fixes: Resolves an issue whereby playback did not start from the position it stopped. Fixed an issue that not all worktypes were being displayed.
Firmware v1.07 Bin
Firmware 1.07 includes the following fixes: Resolves an issue whereby playback did not start from the position it stopped. Fixed an issue that not all worktypes were being displayed.

Technical Specifications

Recommended Application Area


  • Dictation
  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Speech-to-text
  • USB functionality

USB Functionality

USB Speed

  • USB 2.0 High Speed

USB Classes

  • USB Audio class (Full Duplex)
  • Storage Class (High Speed)

USB Connection Type

  • Type B (micro USB)


Display Type

  • Full colour TFT display


  • 240 x 320 pixels

Display Size

  • 36.72 x 48.96mm / 2.4”

Display Backlit

  • LED (White)

Device operation

Main Switch

  • Slide Switch

Push Buttons

  • 10

Programmable button

  • F1 ‑ F3

Power switch

  • Available

New button

  • Available

Microphone System

Omni directional

  • 2 x

Pop Filter

  • 3 layers


  • 8mm

Internal microphones

  • 50 – 15000Hz

Recording Modes

Recording format

  • DSS Pro + DSS, Linear PCM, MP3

Sampling frequency


  • 16kHz (QP)
  • 12kHz (SP)


  • 12kHz


  • 22.05kHz (Stereo / Mono)


  • 44.1kHz (Stereo) / 128kbps
  • 44.1kHz (Mono) / 64kbps

Frequency response


  • 200 – 7000Hz (QP)
  • 200 – 5000Hz (SP)


  • 200 – 5000Hz


  • (Stereo / Mono) / 50 – 8000Hz


  • 128kbps (Stereo) / 50 – 15000Hz
  • 64kbps (Mono) / 50 – 13000Hz

Record function

Intelligent Two Microphone System

  • Available

Built-In Microphones

  • 2x Omni‑directional

Recording Monitor

  • Available (variable)

Mic Modes

  • Dictation 1 (for quiet environments)
  • Dictation 2 (high directionality for noisy environments)
  • Conference (Stereo + Intelligent Auto Mode)

Mic Sensitivity

  • High / Middle / Low


  • Available (adjustable)

Dictation features


  • Overwrite
  • Append Record
  • Insert*
  • Partial Erase*
    Editing only for DSS / DSS PRO / WAV

*Insert in WAV only with DS‑9000 & DS‑2600; Partial Erase only with DSS / DSS Pro

Voice Command

  • Available (only DSS / DS2)


  • Up to 32 per file

Hands-free recording

  • Available *

Hands-free transcrption

  • Available *
    with CR21/CR15 & RS31H/RS28H

Playback function

Playback speed

  • Slow (x0.5) / Normal / Fast (x1.5)

File operation

  • Forward / Reverse Skip
  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Skip Playback

Data organization


  • 7

Files per folder

  • 200

Folder names changeable

  • Available

Clock synchronization with PC

  • Available

Workflow function

Author IDs

  • 10


  • Available 20

Option items

  • 10


  • Available


  • Available

Storage Media

Internal memory

  • 2GB (NAND Flash)

External SD/SDHC Card slot

  • Available (4 ‑ 32 GB)

Compatible Software


  • Version 7 (or higher)

DSS Player for Mac

  • Version 7.6 (or higher)
    Note: WiFi functionality not supported

Third party software

  • Check supported audio file formats by third party software

Interfaces Input

PC interface

  • USB cable and docking station

Microphone jack

  • 3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 2 kΩ.

Interfaces Output

Max. working output

  • 320mW

Maximum headphone output

  • ≤ 150 mV (conforms to EN 50332‑2)

Speaker size

  • 11 x 15mm

Speaker design

  • Closed chassis

Speaker type

  • Dynamic

Earphone jack

  • 3.5 ø mm mini‑jack, impedance 8Ω or more


Docking station connector

  • Available (CR21 / CR15)

Microphone jack

  • 3.5mm (2 kΩ)

Earphone jack

  • 3.5mm (8 Ω or more)


WLAN standards

  • IEEE802.11 b/g/n/a/ac


  • WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal / Enterprise


  • 1.16W/kg
  • SAR quantifies the maximum level of exposure of the user to electromagnetic waves, when using the device close to the head.
  • SAR shall not exceed 2W/kg in accordance with regulations of France.


Available **

*Only DS‑9500

** Only DS‑9500 with CR21

Sending dictations

To shared network folder Via Email

Power Supply

Power source

  • Battery: LI‑92B Rechargeable Lithium‑Ion battery

Battery capacity

  • 1350mAh


  • Available

Charging time

  • Approx. 2h (Olympus AC Adapter)
  • 4h (via USB)

Max. Battery Life

  • Recording: Approx. DS‑9500 / DS‑9000


  • QP 9h / 48h
  • SP 9.5h / 52h


  • Stereo 10.5h / 54h
  • Mono 10.5h / 56h


  • Stereo 10h / 52h
  • Mono 10h / 55h


  • Available

Motion Sensor

  • Available

External power supply

External AC adapter

  • A517, F‑5AC

Standard voltage

  • 3.6V

Dimensions / Weight


  • 120.8mm


  • 49.8mm


  • 18.6mm


  • 116.5g (incl. battery)


Housing colour

  • Black

Shock resistant

  • 1.5m (based on Olympus’ standard testing procedure)

Housing material

  • Plastic


  • Multi‑Colour

Alcohol wipe resistance for disinfection

  • Ethanol (76.9 ‑ 81.4 v/v%)
  • Isopropanol (70 v/v%)



  • 0 ‑ 42°C (operation) / 5 ‑ 35°C (charging)


Menu languages

  • CS, DA, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, SV, RU

Hardware Security

Device lock by PIN code

  • Available

Lock single files

  • Available

256 Bit AES file encryption

  • Available (only DSS Pro)

DLP – Data Loss Prevention

  • Available

Operating Systems & Requirements


  • Windows 7/8.1/10


  • Mac OS X 10.10 ‑ 10.13

Available accessories

Docking station

  • CR21, CR15


  • ME15

Foot-/ Hand controller

  • RS31H

Telephone Pick-Up

  • TP8

Li-Ion rechargeable battery

  • LI‑92B

AC Adapter

  • A517

Box Contents

  •  DS‑9xxx Series stands for 2 main devices with (DS‑9500) and without (DS‑9000) wireless functionality. Both come in different kit versions as listed below. 
  • CS151 Carrying case
  •  KP30 microUSB Cable
  •  2GB internal memory (NAND Flash)
  •  LI‑92B Rechargeable Lithium‑Ion battery
  •  Quick Start Guide

Knowledge Base & FAQ

Instructions for applying the Unlock Code

Only the recorders that are supported by the current professional audio software can have their pin codes unlocked. For the purposes of this document, the below list of recorders is supported for this process: The PIN unlock process and the tools used are a secure service. Therefore, these tools will not be published publicly nor […]

Pin Unlock Process

Any requests for PIN reset must be made in writing to the support team. Please note that requestsmay take up to 24 hours during business hours. It may take longer to respond to a request overweekends and public holidays.There are two ways to make the contact with the support team: via the Partner Portal or […]

Quick Start Guide DS-9500, DS-9100, DS-9000, DS2600, DS2700 

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Digital Slide Switch: Usage Guide

The Digital slide switch was designed to be an easy to use feature on the Olympus DS-9500, DS-9000 and DS-2600 series recorders, but here’s a handy reference guide just in case.Download The Guide

Switch Between Storage & Composite Mode on DS-9500 & DS-9000

When connecting your Digital Recorder to your computer, you have the option for your device to either act as a hard drive or to essentially act as a speaker/microphone through the Storage and Composite mode options. The video below demonstrates how to toggle this option for both the DS-9500 and the DS-9000. To switch between Storage and Composite Modes, select: […]

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