DS-9500/DS-9000/DS-2600 recorder stuck restarting and preparing firmware update

On rare occasions a firmware update may fail (due to environmental factors), subsequently the DVR can enter into a loop of restarting and preparing the firmware update. Please follow the steps below to fix this issue…

  • Leave the recorder on to drain the battery until its below 50%, this will stop the update process
  • Connect the recorder to the PC
  • Browse to the DS-9500/DS-9000/DS-2600 drive
  • Click on the View tab and tick “Hidden items”
  • Open the SYSTEM folder 
  • Delete the “olfirm.bin” file

DS 9000 system folder

  • Download and run the firmware update again
  • Charge up the recorder battery, so its above 50% to do the firmware update process


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