How to work remotely with Olympus

Whether you need to dictate or type, you can work remotely with Olympus. This article covers the typical use cases for remote working…

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Free Trial

With Olympus, you can use the Free Trial of the ODMS R7 software to make sure you’re up and running with minimal interference.

Follow this guide on how to install the software in the “trial mode”.

When you have the software installed you will want to get your dictations emailed to you. When they’re emailed to you, you’ll simply be able to drag and drop the files into the software. Or you can just open the attachment straight in the email.

Alternatively, with ODMS R7 you can set up automatic Email receiving – We have a guide for that here.

When your 30-day Trial expires you will need to purchase the software from an Olympus supplier. You can use our Where To Buy page to do this.

Otherwise, you can select the group you fall into:

Using a VPN

If your company already utilises a VPN to connect to your office network then you’ll be able to configure your software to look at those folders.

You can follow this guide on how to do that.

Using Cloud Storage

If your company utilizes cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive you’ll be able to configure the Olympus software to the service’s folders.

If you use ODMS R7/R6 you should follow this video guide.

If you use DSS Player Standard you should follow this video guide.

Emailing Dictations

If you are looking to email dictations to a secretary or typist you can follow this guide on how to easily do that.

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