Foot Switch Configuration Tool Guide

This article will document how to use the foot switch configuration tool The Foot Switch Configuration Tool is used to customize the settings for the RS-28H and RS-31H models. Any combination of keyboard command can be assigned to each pedal, allowing the control of applications through hotkey shortcuts. You can also create setting templates for […]

How to Lock Pedals on a Foot Switch

This article will document how you can lock pedals on a RS-31(H) Foot Switch. Lockable Pedals on RS-31(H) Foot Switch You are able to lock either the top or the centre pedal on an RS-31(H) foot switch. On the back of the foot switch there is a lock. Slide up to lock the top pedal […]

Foot control not working

If you are experiencing an issue where you can’t operate any of the pedals on the foot control then please follow the steps below. Please note if you meant that the play button is greyed out, which is stopping you from pressing play on the foot control then please follow the Play button Greyed Out […]

Hands Free Recording Settings

Hands free recording can be useful so you are able to record without the need to operate your OM SYSTEM/Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. By using a docking station and a foot pedal this will allow you to free at least one hand and improve productivity. ODMS R8/R7 ODMS R6 ODMS R8/R7 The hands-free recording settings […]

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