RCT Change Log

June 14, 2021
RCT 1.0.3

  • Fixed a bug that an error occurs when trying to set the RecMics with RCT, after starting or closing ODMS when the RCT is active as a resident program.
  • Company name has been changed to OMDS.

January 11, 2019
RCT 1.0.2

  • Fixed an issue where Dragon would not start properly is RCT was installed on the machine.
  • Fixed the issue that if you set a shortcut key including Alt key from the Application Control Tab, keyboard shortcut will not be sent correctly if the user is using the application in a European keyboard environment.

August 22, 2017
RCT 1.0.1

  • Improved the stability of the software

July 10, 2017
RCT 1.0.0

  • First Release

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