Device Security

This guide will take you through how to configure PIN lock, encryption and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to ensure security of the device and the recordings. PIN lock prevents unauthorized entry to the device by prompting the user to enter a four digit pin. Encryption prevents users from playing the file on a computer by […]

Device Folder Settings

The folders on the Professional range recorders can be customised to enhance security and speed up the dictation process. ODMS R8/R7 ODMS R6 ODMS R8/R7 Please note to configure the recorder you will need to use the ODMS Dictation Module or the Device Customisation Program. Security features such as Auto-lock and Encryption can be set […]

Administrative Recording Settings

This guide takes you through the more advanced recording settings specific to the professional range mobile recorders such as recording format, recording function and file download that are found under the Administrative Settings Recording Menu. The ODMS Dictation Module or the Device Customisation Program is required in order to configure the advanced recording settings To […]

Hands Free Recording Settings

Hands free recording can be useful so you are able to record without the need to operate your OM SYSTEM/Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. By using a docking station and a foot pedal this will allow you to free at least one hand and improve productivity. ODMS R8/R7 ODMS R6 ODMS R8/R7 The hands-free recording settings […]

Add Worktype IDs to a device

For this guide, Worktype IDs must have already been added to the Workflow section. See our Worktype IDs article for instructions. To upload Worktype IDs to a device, go to: Tools > Options > Device > Worktype List Select the Device Type and Device from the drop down menus. Click the Load button. If more […]

Add Author ID(s) to a device

For this guide, Author ID(s) must have already been added to the Author section. See our Author IDs article for instructions. Up to 10 Author IDs can be applied to a device (either a DS-3500 or DS-7000).  Note: This requires the Dictation Module software to configure the device settings. To set an Author ID on […]

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