Quick Start Guide for Authors (RecMic)

This article goes through the basics of using a RecMic recorder with the ODMS Dictation Module software. Sending your dictations Once recordings have been created it is possible to send them via the following methods. The ODMS R7 software has automated functions which can be configured for a seamless workflow. Network Folder share  Email  FTP  […]

RecMic II Series: RecMic Configuration Tool

This article explains how to use this tool to configure the RecMic The RecMic Configuration Tool is a tool that supports the workflow between RecMics to controldesktop applications. With this tool, you can configure RecMic settings and assign functions thatcontrol applications to RecMic buttons. For downloading this tool, please go here The Device Configuration tool […]

RecMic II: RM-4010P/RM-4015P

Button Settings: Windows Speech Recognition The RecMic Series II models RM-4010P and RM-4015 P can be easily used with Windows Speech Recognition via Plug & Play. No additional software is required. The buttons of the RecMic II are already preconfigured with the following settings and commands: To activate the Windows Mode press the NEW and […]

Leveraging Dictation for Smaller Tasks

Dictation is often thought of in terms of being used for highly important recordings such as courtroom hearings, law enforcement and medical records but dictation recorders can come in handy for much smaller and more routine tasks. Utilizing your digital recorder for quick notes, email drafts, and task lists when you are on the go […]

RS-31H Footswitch Customization

When it comes to manual transcription, finding ways to improve efficiency is a must, and one of the best ways to make life easier when transcribing is to have hands-free control of your audio recordings as you type. With the Olympus RS-31H footswitch users are able to stop, start, pause and rewind all without lifting your hands […]

Wifi Configuration Through ODMS

The DS-9500’s ability to utilize a WiFi connection allows users to easily transfer recordings instantly without having to manually connect to their computers with a USB cord. Configuring your recorder to connect to your wireless network is just as simple. The video below demonstrates the WiFi configuration process through ODMS R7 for the DS-9500 Recorder. […]

DS-9500 Wifi Selection

The DS-9500 digital recorder has WiFi Capabilities built in to allow for users to quickly and easily send dictations without needing to physically plug into a computer to transfer the files. Connecting your DS-9500 to a wireless network can be done right through the device itself. The video below demonstrates how to connect to a […]

Olympus Dictation App Registration – Portal

The Olympus Dictation App can be used as a trial version on your mobile device, but to use the licensed version of the App, you must contact a reseller.  The reseller will then invite you via email to register through a form on the Olympus Dictation Portal.  The video below demonstrates how to register your […]

Olympus Dictation App Registration

The Olympus Dictation App is perfect for users who are dictating on the go and want to stay connected with their workflow while doing so. Registering for the app is simple and a 30 day free trial is available if you do not have an ODDS license. Before the conclusion of the 30 day trial, […]

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