Upgrading to DSS Player Standard Release 2 (SR2)

This article details how to upgrade to DSS Player Standard Release 2 (SR2). Requirements: The previous software version (DSS Player Standard Release 1) needs to be installed and licensed already. Installer for SR2 – Download SR2 here. Installation: Follow the Installation Guide to install the software up until the point you are asked for a license […]

Keyboard Hotkeys in DSS Player Standard Release 2

In DSS Player Standard it is possible to control certain features such as playback and direct recording through the use of Hotkeys. Enable/Disable Hotkeys Tools > Hotkeys On/Off   Assign a function to a key Tools > Options > User Settings > Keyboard. Click on the command, enter the new key and click Assign. Individual […]

Change Recorder Folder Name

This article goes through how to change your recorder folder name in DSS Player Standard Dictation Module.   Connect your recorder Click on Device > Device Settings Click on a folder Click Rename Type a name and press Enter Click OK Click Yes to apply the device settings      

DSS Player Standard GUI Overview

This document will detail the overview of the Graphical User Interface of the Olympus DSS Player Standard Dictation and Transcription Module software and explain what each button and section is for. Dictation Module Transcription Module Dictation Module Overview Contents Drop-down Menus Toolbars Playback Control Panel Dictation Tree Content List View Device Manager Drop-down Menus File […]

Configuring Author ID (SR2)

This article will take you through how to configure an Author ID in the Standard Release 2 Dictation Module. Click on Tools -> Options -> Device In the Author ID box type in the author name Click Update -> Only this page Click OK to the device setting update prompt.  

Converting Dictations

This document details how to convert your dictations to another format. This is typically useful if you are sending the file to another user to listen to the recordings but they do not have the Olympus software. Right click a dictation and click Convert Dictation Select the Format you wish to convert from the following: […]

Automatic Download (SR)

This guide will detail how to configure the DSS Player Standard software to automatically download the files from the recorder into the software. Go to Tools > Options > Folder Design Select Download Tray from the list and click on the Auto Download drop-down box. Note: Selecting Download Tray will automatically apply the setting to […]

Automatic Deletion after Download (SR)

This guide will detail how to configure the software to automatically delete the files from the recorder after downloading. Go to Tools > Options > Workflow Click on Download and tick the check box “After downloading file(s) delete the original file(s)”. Tick the Display confirmation dialog if you wish to have the software to prompt […]

Manually Sending Dictations via Email

This article details how to send dictations via email manually from the DSS Player Standard software.  Click on the video below to see how to send and receive dictations manually via email. Open the Dictation Module or the Transcription Module Open your email application or login to your webmail then create a new email. Select […]

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