Automatically Receive Dictation via Email or FTP (ODMS R7)

When files are sent to a typist by email or FTP , the files will arrive at their email inbox or the FTP server. In order for the files to be imported into the Transcription Module automatically, the Dictation Receive function must be enabled.

Note: This function requires a working email/FTP profile to be configured within ODMS. See Email setup guide here for instructions or see FTP setup guide here for instructions.

automatically receive dictation via email or ftp r7

How to enable the Dictation Receive function

  • Click “Tools” > “Options” > “Workflow” > “Receive”
  • Tick the method and the profile you want to use to receive files
  • By default you will receive DSS, DS2, WMA, WAV and MP3 files, which you can change if necessary

Automatically receive dictations 1

  • Click on “Tools” > “Options” > “E-mail/FTP” > “Send/Receive”
  • Tick the box “Receive dictations automatically” and set the time interval at which the software should check for new files

Automatically receive dictations 2

  • Click Apply and OK to save the changes
  • You will now receive the dictations sent via email or FTP in the software and this will be indicated in the sender column

Automatically receive dictations 3

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