DSS Player For Mac in an Enterprise environment

This article contains information for Mac Administrators looking to use the Olympus components on a Mac when using an MDM.  Below are the information needed to add to the Olympus components to MDM’s on Mac: Developer Name Developer ID Bundle ID Comment Olympus Corporation 4H9BLQ3JFD com.olympus.DSSPlayerV7 For versions up to 7.7.4 OM Digital Solutions Corporation […]

Apple M1 Chip Install Rosetta

The DSS Player for Mac officially supports Mac with the new Silicon M1 Chip. However, this requires Apple Rosetta to be installed.  When you open an Intel-based software you will get a prompt to install Rosetta. You can find the full article here. It is also possible to install Rosetta via Terminal by entering the command […]

Encrypt and Decrypt a file on DSS Player for Mac

This article goes through how to manually encrypt and decrypt a file in the software. If you are looking to automatically encrypt the files on the recorder please follow the Device Security guide. To encrypt a file, Click the File menu and click Encrypt Set the DSSPro Encryption Format and enter a password, then click […]

License number is incorrect – Mac Standard User

When installing DSS Player for Mac, you may get the error message “The license number you have entered is incorrect. Please confirm your license number.” If the license is correct and the software version downloaded is compatible with the OS, then the next step to check is whether this user is an administrator by following […]

USB Devices Disabled

If a Mac accessory needs more power or is using more power than your Mac is providing, you may see the message “USB Devices Disabled”…   This could mean that a device connected to the USB-A , USB-C , or Thunderbolt (USB-C) port on your Mac isn’t getting enough power: A message says that the […]

Import Dictation for Mac

This article explains how to import a dictation in DSS Player for Mac Files can be imported in to the software, if they are received via email or saved in a different location on the Mac. For this example we will be using email. Find the email that contains the file that you would like to import […]

How to enable hardware control for DSS Player for Mac

If you experience an issue, whereby the DSS Player for Mac crashes when a Digital Voice Recorder is connected or if its not recognised in DSS Player for Mac. Follow this guide to resolve the issue. You need to enable a Mac security setting that allows the Olympus recorder to connect. Please ensure you have […]

DSS Player for Mac GUI Overview

This document will detail the overview of the Graphical User Interface of the Olympus DSS Player for Mac software and explain what each button and section is for. Overview   Drop down menu Toolbars Playback Control bar Dictation Tree Audio List Window Device Manager  Status Bar Drop-down Menus DSS Player Menu Function About DSS Player […]

Send dictation via Email – Mac

This article explains how to send a dictation file via email. For this we will be using the default Mail program on a Mac. First open the DSS Player. Then open launch pad and open your Mail program. From the Mail program, click the new email.   Go back to the DSS Player program and […]

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